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Located in the basement of the Medical Sciences Building on University of Toronto's St. George Campus, we are dedicated to servicing the Toronto medical research community with expert knowledge and professional service. MedStore is wholly owned and operated by the University of Toronto and has become the preferred supplier to many of the leading research projects within the Discovery District. Superior service is our standard: we offer a wide variety of products from trusted brands and rapid delivery of your orders, and all at everyday low prices.

Customers can shop online or visit our retail counter to choose from thousands of immediately available in-stock items, or from a vast selection of special order products that can be delivered directly to you within a few days.

MedStore Hours
Monday - Friday

9:00am - 5:00pm

Phone: (416) 946-7197
Sugar Sheet Copy Paper Initiative at MedStore

In support of University of Toronto’s commitment to environmental stewardship and net-zero policies, MedStore announces the switch to Sugar Sheet Copy Paper to support operational office paper requirements at the Temerty Faculty of Medicine!


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Sugar Sheet Copy Paper is manufactured with 100% agricultural bagasse fibre. A 2018 TRUCOST Environmental Life Cycle Assessment concluded that in comparison to traditional wood fibre copy papers, Sugar Sheet Paper measurably reduces the release of green-house gas emissions and minimizes deforestation.


Sugar Sheet Paper is used by academic, government, and business organizations across Canada and produced by Social Print Paper Ltd a proud Canadian company located in Vancouver, BC.


Visit www.socialprint.com for more information on Sugar Sheet Paper.

MedStore Staff Lunch Closure


MedStore will be closed on Monday, December 4th from 12:45pm until 2:45pm for a staff lunch.


Please email MedStore Customer Service if you have any questions or concerns.

LN2 Top-Up Holiday Service


Does your lab require continued LN2 top-up service during the holiday closure?


Please email our MedStore LN2 Top-Up Service inbox to register for a top-up on Wednesday, December 27th.


Please note a lab member must be present to grant access to your tank. If a lab member is not available to grant access to your tank, please ensure that our staff is given a key to the room your tank is in.

Faculty of Medicine MSB Shipping/Receiving


We are pleased to announce that the shipping and receiving department located in the breezeway corridor of MSB will no longer be ceasing operations on Dec 15, 2023


In consultation with the Office of the Dean and faculty users it has been determined that there is necessary support to continue providing this service.


Thank you for your patience and continued support.


NEB Rapid Workflow Promotion

NEB's Rapid 1-Day Cloning to Protein Expression Workflow products are 30% off at MedStore!


NEB has demonstrated a completely in vitro workflow that combines Golden Gate DNA Assembly, rolling circle amplification (RCA), and cell-free protein expression (CFPE) to rapidly screen the impact of multiple protein designs simultaneously. This workflow enables researchers to generate an array of protein variants in as little as a single day using a basic set of custom DNA vectors or insertion fragments.


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Expires December 31st, 2023
NEBridge Golden Gate Assembly Kit Promotion

NEBridge Golden Gate Assembly Kits and related products are 30% off at MedStore!


NEB now offers two kits for Golden Gate Assembly featuring BsaI-HFv2 or BsmBI-v2 (a destination plasmid with T7/SP6 promoters is also included). Both kits incorporate digestion followed by ligation with T4 DNA Ligase into a single reaction, and can be used to assemble 2-50+ fragments in a single step. NEBridge Ligase Master Mix is a 3X master mix for Golden Gate Assembly. Designed for use with NEB Type IIS restriction enzymes, this master mix contains T4 DNA Ligase in an optimized reaction buffer with a proprietary ligation enhancer. Users need only choose their preferred NEB Type IIS restriction enzyme and add DNA substrates to be assembled.


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Expires December 31st, 2023
FroggaBio Pipettor Promotion

New FroggaBio Lite Pipettes and single channel E-Pipettes are now available at MedStore!


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Expires December 31st, 2023
Corning Matrigel Promotion

Buy a vial of Corning Matrigel Matrix at MedStore and receive a free case of Falcon 50ml centrifuge tubes!


Click here for details.


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Please email a copy of your MedStore order receipt to info@uoftmedstore.com to redeem for your free case of 50ml tubes.

Available while supplies last
New Glassware at the MedStore


We now carry a wide variety of glassware options from ChemScience!


See the flyer here.


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Shop Ansell Microflex Gloves at MedStore

High quality Ansell Microflex gloves now available at lower prices!


Receive a FREE MedStore notebook with every case you purchase!*


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*Available while supplies last
Individually Wrapped Disposable Masks

Individually wrapped disposable 3-ply face masks are now available for only 50¢ each at MedStore:


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Windowed Masks

Reusable face masks with clear windows are now available at MedStore.


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Medical Grade Masks in Stock

Disposable 3-Ply ASTM Level 3 Medical Grade Earloop Masks are available at great prices!


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Face Shields With Glasses Frames

Reusable PPE face shields with glasses frames are in stock at MedStore.


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Please note this product is NOT intended for handling hazardous materials such as liquid nitrogen.

PPE Product Category

PPE products are now grouped under one easy-to-browse category!


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Delivery Services

Please refer to our Delivery Schedule by Location below.


Delivery Schedule by Location:


Other UTSG Locations* Mon - Fri
MaRS, TGH, HSC, CBS Mon - Fri
Mt Sinai, PMH Mon - Fri
Dentistry Mon - Fri
TWH, SMH Mon - Fri
340 College St. Mon - Fri
CAMH College St. Mon - Fri
CAMH Queen St. Mon - Fri
ROM Mon - Fri
790 Bay St. Mon, Thurs
Sunnybrook Thurs
Ryerson Mon - Fri
UTM Campus Mon, Wed, Fri
UTSC Campus Thurs


*Include a contact phone number in the Special Instructions at order checkout to facilitate drop off in the event that access is restricted at your location.


Please note orders will be delivered on the next available delivery date, unless a preferred delivery date is provided in the Special Instructions at order checkout.

Faculty of Medicine Shipping/Receiving

MedStore is operating a shipping/receiving staging area at the MSB facility.


MedStore will receive deliveries and act as a drop-off point for outgoing parcels for Faculty of Medicine labs in the MSB, CCBR, and other buildings as needed.


Hours of operation for receiving and drop-off are Monday - Friday, 8:30AM - 4:00PM.


Deliveries entering the facility via Discovery Lane will be received at the staging area.


Please use the Temporary Receiving address rather than your own to ensure entry at this location:


  MSB Receiving
  Medical Sciences Building
  1 Kings College Circle
  Toronto, ON
  M5S 1A8


MedStore staff will notify lab members electronically when a delivery is received, so please include relevant contact info in your delivery address.


If your supplier provides online tracking, it should indicate delivery status as well. Some apps also provide universal parcel tracking across couriers.


Lab members will collect deliveries from the "breezeway" corridor behind MedStore. Lab members are responsible for collecting deliveries ASAP (MedStore has limited storage capacity). MedStore will not collect signatures from lab members at this time.


MedStore staff will store any temperature sensitive parcels as needed. MedStore is not responsible for lost or damaged goods that remain unclaimed after three months.

All prices in Canadian dollars