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Description SYBR Safe DNA Gel Stain, 400ul

Sensitive Staining with Reduced Mutagenicity


SYBR Safe™ DNA Gel Stain provides sensitive DNA and RNA detection with substantially reduced mutagenicity, making it much safer to use than ethidium bromide. It is provided as a 10, 000X concentrate in DMSO, or as a convenient ready-to-use solution in 0.5X TBE buffer or 1X TAE buffer. SYBR Safe™ can be used either for post-staining or incorporated into gels. The detection sensitivity with SYBR Safe™ is comparable to that obtained with ethidium bromide. DNA bands stained with SYBR Safe™ DNA Gel Stain can be detected using a blue light transilluminator such as Invitrogen's Safe Imager™, a standard UV transilluminator, or a laser-based scanner. Bound to nucleic acids, the green-fluorescent SYBR Safe™ stain has fluorescence excitation maxima at ~280 and ~502 nm, and an emission maximum at ~530 nm.

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