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Description SUREGrip Tissue Culture Dish, 60x15mm, hydrophobic growth surface for suspension and hybridoma cells, 500/cs (FORMERLY 83.1801.002)

The SUREGrip design for easy, safe, and comfortable handling


A raised ring around the circumference of the dish provides a secure grip of both the dish and the lid, reducing the risk of contamination due to unintentional removal of the lid. Embossed arrows on the 100x20 option orient the lid to the dish for precise cell site observation and prominent rings on the top and bottom ensure stable stacking.


The risk of accidentally removing the lid from the bottom part is eliminated by the user automatically holding the protruding ring. This product concept provides a number of special advantages.

simplified aseptic handling technique,
safe and stable storage due to the raised stacking rings, and
optimal gas exchange due to lid fit and 5 ventilation cams.

In addition to the 35, 60, and 100 mm dishes in SUREGrip design, a 150 mm option is available in the standard design. Tissue culture dishes are available with three cell-specific growth surfaces according to design.

Sku 83.3901.500
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Brand Sarstedt
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