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Description VWR 96 Well PCR Plate, 10Pk

Polypropylene PCR plates are compatible with most thermal cyclers and are ideal for high throughput screening thermocycler applications. Smooth, thin, uniform well walls ensure accurate thermal transfer. Wells are slightly raised to accommodate sealing mats, films, and foil. All plates are autoclavable and certified free of RNase, DNase, and human DNA (lot-by-lot certificates available). Printed alphanumeric labeling simplifies plate and sample identification. Raised well plates do not have printed alphanumeric labels.

Plates have a working capacity of 200ÁL per well. They are thin, flexible, and easy to cut. The raised well plates have extra-high wells that can be sealed with strip caps. Low profile plates feature smaller wells with the same 200ÁL capacity as other 96-well plates. The half-skirted plates are easy to insert and extract. Skirted plates provide reduced plate distortion during high throughput screening and sit flat for greater stability.

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