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Description Disposable Plastic Cuvettes, 1.5mL (10mm lightpath), 100/pk (5pks/cs)

Compatible with most spectrophotometers and photometers, these two-sided disposable cuvettes are ideal for most spectrophotometry applications in the visible and near-UV range. Cuvettes are constructed of high-quality polystyrene (PS), and provide accurate, reliable results. Polystyrene cuvettes are ideal for routine assays between 340nm and 900nm. Cuvettes have a 10mm lightpath and include an arrow mark to indicate direction of transmission and reduce variation. They are grouped by manufacturing mold cavity number to ensure the lowest variation in extinction coefficient, and are packaged in low-dust, low-scratch material.
5pkgs. per case, sold as pack of 100

Sku 2037-97000-586
Quantity 35
Price $14.82
Brand VWR
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