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Description Fisherbrand* 100 x 15mm Petri Dishes, Sterile, 25/pk (20 pks/cs)

Radiation-sterilized polystyrene dishes available with straight and beveled ridges and flat, clear lids for distortion-free viewing (25 dishes per sleeve, 20 sleeves per case)

Top and bottom edges are squared off (not rounded) to provide a firm, sure grip

  • Edges are squared and bottom is flat so medium spreads evenly over the entire dish bottom
  • Three venting ribs built into the underside of the lid prevent buildup of condensation that would drip onto the media
  • Lid skirt is flared just enough so that it can be replaced quickly after streaking
  • Lid fits loosely enough to provide air exchange, yet it's tight enough to reduce risk of aerial contamination
  • Place lid upside down on dish to close off dish from outside environment


Sku 2071-FB0875712
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Brand Fisherbrand
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