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Description QuantiTect Reverse Transcription Kit (50)

For 50 x 20 ul reactions: 100 ul 7x gDNA Wipeout Buffer, 50 ul Quantiscript Reverse Transcriptase, 200 ul 5x Quantiscript RT Buffer, 50 ul RT Primer Mix, 1.9 ml RNase-Free Water

The unique QuantiTect Reverse Transcription Kit provides a fast and convenient procedure for cDNA synthesis with integrated genomic DNA removal. Genomic DNA contamination in RNA samples is effectively eliminated by gDNA Wipeout Buffer. Fast and efficient reverse transcription is provided by Quantiscript® Reverse Transcriptase, Quantiscript RT Buffer, and unique RT Primer Mix. The synthesized cDNA is optimized for use in real-time PCR, allowing reliable quantification of targets from all regions of mRNA transcripts.

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Brand Qiagen
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