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Description Pipette Tip 200uL (clear), universal, 1000/bag (10 bags/cs) (REPLACED SKU 70.760.002)

10000/case 1000/bag (sold by 1000pcs)We have been a manufacturer and supplier of plastic pipette tips and serological pipettes for over 40 years.  Per bag, 10 bags/case.

Neutral Pipette Tips

General Information

Plastic disposablesare among the most crucial tools generally used in laboratory routinetoday. Micro tubes in a range of sizes, tissue culture products, and pipette tips for piston hub pipettes have significantly contributed to smooth work processes in biological labs along witha reduced risk of contamination.

Enhanced analysis methods enable the detection of even the smallest contamination so that the products used are to meet increasingly sophisticated requirements.

External contamination can be reduced thanks to automated production under clean room conditions. To minimize any possible adverse effect the plastic material may have on the sample, scrupulous selection of the raw materials is of vital importance: Additives must be reduced to a minimum so that the plastic material maintains its characteristic propertiesand any biological activity is excluded.


In the past, several customers reported the detection of substances issued from the colour additives in our yellow and blue pipette tips which were detected by means of mass spectrometry.Once we had switched these customers to the corresponding neutral options, these concerns could be eliminated because the pipette tips no longer adversely affected the analyses.

The term“leaching“ defines the elution of substances from plastic materials.Its effect on the cells is a frequently discussed topic in tissue culture (cytotoxicity). Eppendorf, above all, overemphasizes this subject in lectures and also in advertisements by explicitly underlining the purity of their products.


Effective end of May, our pipettetips will therefore be produced entirely without colour additives.

Consequently,the transparency ofthe pipette tips alone already conveys the impression of a high-quality product of superior purity.

As before, however, volume identification is possible via the colour code because the trays of the pipette tips still come inthe corresponding colour enabling clear and easy identification of the respective volume. Consequently, the tips remain grey, yellow and blue even without a colourof their own.For the rather small group of customers loading their pipettes with tips from bags, the significantly different size and shape of the pipette tips should suffice as distinguishing features.


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