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Description Kimberly-Clark™ Kimguard™ One-Step™ KC100™ Sterilization Wrap (12x12", 30.5x30.5cm), pk/240

Two sheets bonded together, making it possible to double wrap in a single step. KC100 is the first of six strength levels in the Kimguard One-Step line and is often used for light linen packs, linen gowns, towel packs, single basins and other lighter wrapping needs. Soft, strong and tear-resistant. Resists event-related contamination. One application is equivalent to two wraps. Naturally latex-free, nonsterile, and steam and EtO compatible. Fabric is imprinted with its name, size and lot code. Color: Light blue.

case of 480 (2 packs of 240)

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Price $37.55
Brand Kimtech
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