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Description SensiFAST SYBR Hi-ROX qPCR kit, 50ml (5000rxn) (FORMERLY SKU CSA-01193)

SYBR mix for FAST, highly specific and ultra-sensitive qPCR. Proprietary MyTaq enzyme combines the highest specificity concurrent with ultra-sensitivity and super-fast extension speeds, allowing researchers to complete their entire real-time protocol in under 30 minutes. Ideal for general use, low-copy targets, difficult templates, and multiplexing.

Instrument compatability (SensiFAST is validated on all standard and fast-cycling qPCR machines):

Use Hi-ROX for: ABI 7000, 7300, 7700, 7900, 7900HT, 7900HT FAST, StepOne, StepOne Plus (see product selection table) each of these instruments having the capacity to analyze the real-time PCR data with the passive reference signal either on or off, as well as several instruments that do not require the use of ROX.

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