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Description SuperScript™ IV VILO™ Master Mix with ezDNase™ Enzyme, 50 rxns

SuperScript™ IV VILO™ (SSIV VILO) Master Mix is a reaction master mix designed for fast, sensitive, and reproducible cDNA synthesis in RT-qPCR applications. Inclusion of ezDNase™ enzyme further accelerates the RT-qPCR workflow through an extremely simplified genomic DNA removal step. (This master mix is also available without ezDNase.)

Features of SuperScript IV VILO Master Mix include:
• Super-fast RT reaction in just 10 minutes and gDNA removal in 2 minutes
• Super-high yields—lower Ct values by more than 2 cycles ahead of all other reverse transcription reagents
• Super-convenient one-tube cDNA reaction master mix for two-step RT-qPCR
• Super-efficient reaction even with low template amounts and suboptimal purity samples

SSIV VILO master mix elevates the trusted VILO technology to the next level with the highly processive and thermostable SuperScript™ IV Reverse Transcriptase and further optimized buffer. These components enable efficient cDNA synthesis at higher temperatures and in less time. SSIV VILO master mix provides superior cDNA yield and sensitivity even with suboptimal purity or scarce templates. It is your new tool for more efficient and reproducible RT-qPCR.

For even better performance, this SuperScript IV VILO Master Mix includes ezDNase (also available as a separate purchase) for genomic DNA removal to further accelerate the RT-qPCR workflow. The extremely simplified genomic DNA removal step dramatically reduces the time of the entire reverse transcription protocol and reduces possible variation in gene expression due to RNA loss or damage during conventional DNase treatment.

SSIV VILO master mix gives you more cDNA in less time with less pipeting, less variation, less reaction inhibition, less gDNA interference, and with less sample than all the other cDNA synthesis kits or master mixes for RT-qPCR.

Purified from E. coli expressing the pol gene of M-MLV, modified to increase thermostability and half-life, processivity, inhibitor resistance, and to reduce RNase H activity.

Performance and quality testing
Assayed for endodeoxyribonuclease, exodeoxyribonuclease, and ribonuclease, as well as yield and length of cDNA product.

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