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Description VWR Ice Buckets with Lids (4.5L or 1.2gal.), black, each

VWR Ice Buckets with Lids are manufactured from polyurethane foam to ensure good insulating properties.

  • Polyurethane foam construction
  • pouring lip for easy draining
  • Lids can be stacked beneath buckets

The Ice Buckets are suitable for use with Dry-Ice with Isopropyl Alcohol, Water-Ice with salt slurry, or liquid nitrogen. The operating temperature range is -76 to 70C (-104 to 158F). All buckets feature a pouring lip for easy draining. The lids, which are unbreakable in normal use, help to reduce evaporation levels. Lids can also be stacked below buckets for convenient, space-saving storage.

Sku 10146-188
Quantity 4
Price $89.57
Brand VWR
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