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Description VWR Laboratory Bench and Table Protectors with Leakproof Moisture Barrier 50.8 cm x 91.5 m (20" x 300'), each roll
Detail These super absorbent bench protectors feature a two-layer, cushioned construction that is ideal for use in a laboratory or veterinary setting. Two layers of protection, Leakproof backsheet, For laboratory and veterinary applications, Sold in rolls, Can be cut to desired size. The air-lay cellulose layer provides cushion for laboratory equipment and glassware to prevent breakage, while the leakproof plastic backsheet protects tables and benches from spills and moisture. When these absorbent barriers are used in a veterinary setting, the absorbent material in these pads provides comfort for patients and can be used as a cage liner or table cover to absorb and contain moisture. Material can be cut to the desired size.
Sku 89126-792
Quantity 3
Price $105.21
Brand VWR
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