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Description ULTIDENT Brand Microscope Slides - Ground Edges, Frosted 1-End/2 Sides - Clipped Corners - per 2pk/72=144
  • 170-7107A-S: Frosted Slides in standard 25 x 75 mm size (3'' X 1'') with Beveled Edges, 45 Clipped Corners, 1.0 to 1.2 mm in thickness
  • Frosted slides have been grinded to create microgrooves which elevate bond strength. These microgrooves can help ensure a solid attachment of the specimen to the slide for certain applications. Frosted slides are easy to write on making them simple to categorize and keep organized.
  • Beveled edges and 45 clipped corners to reduce the number of sharp edges and provide a secure grasp
  • Sku 170-7107A-S
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    Brand Ultident
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