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Description PowerGreen™ SYBR Green 2x qPCR Master Mix, Low Rox, 5mL
Detail Power Green qPCR Mix is a ready-to-use, 2X concentrated mix that contains all the reagents (except template and primers) needed for the real-time qPCR in the SYBR Green I detection format. This product is compatible with most manufacturers' real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR instruments such as Applied Biosystems, Roche, Bio-Rad, Eppendorf, Corbett and so on. The PowerGreen™ HotStart Taq DNA Polymerase in the mix is chemically modified, and it can reduce non-specific amplification more effectively than the antibody-modified polymerase. At the same time, the mix contains aptamer-based inhibitors, which further reduce the generation of the primer dimer and secondary metabolites. With this dual blocking mechanism, when the temperature below 45°C, the activity of the modified polymerase will be strongly suppressed, only when the temperature reached 72°C, it can be activated. This dual hot-start technique brings greater efficiency and specificity to PCR.
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