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Description 20ÁL Sterile Low-Retention Filter Tips for Rainin LTS Pipettes, 96 tips per rack, 10 racks per box, sold per rack

The Tips have been crafted for exceptional performance in conjunction with Rainin LTS pipettes. The design features a cylindrical collar with a positive stop mechanism, facilitating easy attachment and removal of the tips. Each tip undergoes rigorous testing to ensure they are completely free of RNase, DNase, PCR inhibitors, Endotoxins, and Pyrogens.

  • Designed for optimal performance with Rainin« LTS« style pipette.
  • Certified Free of RNase, DNase, PCR Inhibitors, Endotoxins, and Pyrogens.
  • 100k clean room facility with automated manufacturing.
  • US FDA approved medical grade virgin polypropylene plastic without any trace of metals, highly transparent and clear.
  • Specially developed PE filters stop aerosols contamination from entering into pipette and thus lessens the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Sku LRT-20F
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