Required Documents

To our valued customers,

Due to the regulated nature of this product, some documentation must be completed:

To ensure that ethyl alcohol is purchased only by qualified University or Hospital researchers, any user purchasing ethyl alcohol must complete and submit a Declaration of Scientific Use Form. This form permits the user to purchase ethyl alcohol free of Excise Tax under Section 3 of the Excise Act.

Additionally, qualified users may complete and submit a Delegation of Signing Authority Form to permit one or more staff members to purchase and/or receive ethyl alcohol on their behalf.

These forms must be submitted to MedStore every fiscal year (May 1st - April 31st). It is the responsibility of the purchaser to maintain valid documentation in MedStore's possession. Expired documentation will result in refusal of service.

Purchasing Procedures

Qualified users and/or authorized delegates may purchase ethyl alcohol by two methods.

1. In person at the MedStore counter: A qualified user or an authorized delegate may purchase Ethyl alcohol in person at the MedStore counter.

2. Email the Alcohol Order Form: A qualified user or an authorized delegate may submit completed Alcohol Order Forms via email.

Please note that signature of a qualified user or an authorized delegate is required for both purchasing and receiving delivery/pickup of ethyl alcohol orders.

Please note ethyl alcohol cannot be purchased directly though the MedStore Online platform or by telephone.

If you have any questions or concerns about ethyl alcohol purchasing, please contact MedStore customer service:


Phone: 416-946-7197

All prices in Canadian dollars